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Gateway into the Mysteries
and Magic of Nature


Forestheart is a creatively evolving ethical business that brings spiritual nature-connection and Celtic Shamanism alive through iconic artwork and unique workshop offerings.

On this new platform, you can dive deep into the revived indigenous teachings of the Celtic landscapes of western Europe. You are invited to explore this library of thoughtfully crafted learning resources, artwork and video content.



I am a UK-based illustrator, nature-connection guide, ancestral story teller, ceremonial fire keeper, tree whisperer, workshop leader and modern Druid.

I live a simple life in a yurt on the edge of Dartmoor in Devon, where I attune myself to the changing seasons and draw inspiration from Nature.

As my path unfolds, I enjoy sharing my gifts, insights and inspirations with my community through Forestheart.

Since 2016, my Wheel of the Year and Tree Wisdom workshops have been well received by hundreds of workshop participants in-person as well as online.

Events & Courses


This is where you can find out about and book your place in my upcoming events and courses.

My Tree Wisdom online workshops are also made available here. They are designed for you to deepen your relationships with a selection of twelve native trees. You get to choose where your journey into Celtic tree lore starts.

Like a forest, this library will grow over time. It also includes recordings of storytelling events and other meaningful video content.

Forest Art


As a self-taught artist, I proclaimed the forest my university of the arts and recognised the trees, birds and streams as my teachers.


From an early age, I felt drawn to the endless play of patterns and colours, marvelling at Creation, attempting the learn how it's done.

Over the years, I developed and refined my own style of hand-drawn ink-pen drawings that I digitally colour and finalise.

Now you can see much of what's come out of this deep and passionate quest and playful enquiry in my Forest Art Gallery.

For more regular updates, connect with me on social media or Telegram. Buttons below.



Via my Forestheart shop you gain access to a growing range of locally produced eco-friendly products for you to beautify your home and sacred spaces with meaningful artwork and tools.


Have a look and you will find a range of gorgeous altar cloths, inspiring learning resources as well as all of the Forestheart Tree Wisdom Banners.

The infographic posters series is now available as downloadable print-at-home PDFs.



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