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Questing for Awen - Living an inspired life
Questing for Awen - Living an inspired life

Wed, 19 Apr



Questing for Awen - Living an inspired life

Time & Location

19 Apr 2023, 19:00 – 20:30 BST


About the event

The essence of this course: Many moons ago I was terribly ill, floating between life and death, staring at the ceiling. At that moment I started praying to the divine and often mysterious source of life: "show me the door and I will walk through".  This was the beginning of my relationship with Awen, divine inspiration.   When we know how to make ourselves available the answers come,  but the seed of an idea can't grow unless we also know how to contain it and skillfully nurture it into being. Awen, the flowing spirit,  is at the very core of the creative process. To consciously create with  Awen requires us to gather tools and ingredients, insights and powers.  This unique course draws on modern druidic wisdom teachings as well as creative techniques for personal inquiry.   In four 90-minute  video modules, the Questing for Awen course offers you the distilled essence of many years of my learning and experimentation. You will be led through four phases to reconnect with your inner child, your feminine and masculine side, as well as the wisdom of your higher self. At the end of this course, you will be able to apply what you have learned to any area of interest you wish to evolve in. This course is designed to empower your personal journey and meet you where you are right now.  You will learn how to call in and create with the divine current of inspiration. Four modules overview: Module 1 - The Cycle of Awen: reclaiming the magic of play The first module offers an introduction to what Awen is and how to work with it. You will learn about the cycle of Awen and recognise that it is already present in your life right now. The invitation here is to start a new adventure, by making space for communication with your inner artist child. We will establish deeper safety and permission to play freely, to open up our channels for inspiration to flow. Module 2 - The Cauldron: becoming available for guidance The second module focuses on the feminine principle, represented by the cauldron. You will learn how to make yourself available. We will also look at what can cause our inner guidance and flow to stagnate and how to move past blockages. At the end of module two, you will remember what inspiration feels like in your body and where your inner guidance system wants to take you. Module 3 - The Wand: taking grounded action The third module focuses on the masculine principle, represented by the wand. Once we feel inspired it is time to use that influx of life force energy to create something in the world. The wand is about how we direct our energy. The masculine energy is very useful when it comes to carving out a new path for yourself. In this session, you will learn how to start moving towards living a more inspired life.   Module 4 - The Great Work: being a channel for higher power The fourth module is about the balance between receiving and acting in the world. We will unite the cauldron and the wand, the feminine and the masculine and call on our old wise part, the higher self. We will complete our cycle of Awen by looking at practices that help to integrate, celebrate and deepen what it is that we have created. Going deeper: As an option, this course can be complemented with individual one-on-one sessions for personal guidance. If you want to receive my direct feedback and assistance in bringing more inspiration into your life,  this is a great way of doing so.


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