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Sacred Geometry & Celtic Knotwork
Sacred Geometry & Celtic Knotwork

Wed, 24 May



Sacred Geometry & Celtic Knotwork

Dates: Wednesday 24th, 31st of May, 7th and 14th of June, 7 - 9 pm

Time & Location

24 May 2023, 19:00 BST – 14 Jun 2023, 21:00 BST


About the event

A visually immersive and beautifully crafted online course in four modules. 

Offered both live on Zoom as well as via recordings, for maximum ease of access.  

Dates:  Wednesday 24th, 31st of May, 7th and  14th of June, 7 - 9 pm  

With this jam-packed eight-hour long course I am offering you an opportunity to receive a powerful initiation into sacred geometry both on a  symbolic as well as on a practical level.   

You will learn how to use a ruler and compass in a way that goes beyond mathematics and reveals the secret language of Nature that is hidden in plain sight all around us. Life is made of light, vibration expressed as patterns and colours.    

Sacred geometry is the visual equivalent of music. It has been practised since Antiquity and used to great effect. Immersing yourself in sacred geometry gives you access to a higher sense of order and new ways of thinking.   

Creating Celtic knotwork is one of the many applications of sacred geometry and directly attunes us to the minds and imaginations of our ancestors. You will learn how to make your own patterns of timeless beauty. Once you know the foundations, a whole new realm of creative applications opens up to you.  

This course is suitable for beginners as well as more experienced artists and craftspeople. I will give you insights into my own creative process and how I use laws of harmony and beauty to create my artwork.  

At the end of this four-module course, you will be able to create stunning pieces of art and evolve your creative practice wherever your starting point might be.   

Overview of the four modules:  Module 1 - Sacred Geometry: the hidden language of Nature 

With many visual examples, you will learn to see and recognise universal patterns and their underlying principles. Everything in nature grows in the most energy-efficient ways. Once you know the laws that govern creation, they reveal themselves everywhere.   

You will learn how to use a ruler and compass to create with the same divine principles  Nature herself uses. Expanding from a unified point of all possibilities, we will gradually explore different directions and choices you can make to manifest order. This interlinks with the magical use of numbers as carriers of deep meaning and spiritual significance.   

Module 2 - Sacred Geometry II: the laws of harmony and beauty 

There is a science behind beauty and why we feel more attracted to certain proportions than to others. Initiated architects, sculptors, painters and craftspeople across the ages have applied these laws to their creations, amongst which are many of the greatest and most celebrated masterpieces.   

Module two shows you how you can use this knowledge in your own creations, for them to emanate and resonate with natural beauty more strongly. The practical techniques you will learn will naturally integrate into your way of looking at the world.  

I  will guide you step by step, so you can get much more familiar with your ruler and compass during this session. At the end of this mind-expanding module, you will have a solid foundation to build upon.  

Module 3 - Celtic knotwork:  

Behind the intricate patterns of Celtic knotwork are grids and guidelines,  that make it possible to weave stunning patterns with ease. In this session, you will learn how to measure and construct these patterns yourself. By doing so, you will learn a skill that brings you into contact with the Celtic imagination of our ancestors.  

Celtic knotwork is a fusion between the abstract lines and circles of the higher realms of order and the earthy interwoven fabrics of the natural world. Drawing on many years of experience in creating these patterns, I  will pass on some of my favourite tips and tricks for you to make fast progress.    

Module 4 - Celtic knotwork II:  

Going deeper into the mindset of this ancestral craft, we apply what we have learned in all previous modules to new designs. Celtic knotwork can be shaped into circular mandalas of great beauty. They can be further ornamented and creatively played with. 

I will share some of my favourite creative techniques to add interesting details to your work.   In this session, we will look at some of the practical applications and ways in which you can transfer your designs onto other objects and surfaces.   

My mission with Forestheart is to empower and beautify your spiritual nature-connection journey, by sharing the teachings, tools and practices  I found the most relevant and effective.   

With this Sacred  Geometry and Celtic Knotwork course, you will receive a generously packaged bundle of fascinating and creativity-enhancing skills.


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    A visually immersive and beautifully crafted online course in four modules.

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