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The 12 available infographic posters are:


  • Wheel of the Year: an ancient symbol of sacred time and space.

  • Foraging Calendar: plants and trees to harvest throughout the year.

  • Tree of Life: a shamanic map of the three worlds.

  • Moon Magic: attunement to the eight phases of the moon.

  • Druidry: an overview of druidic lore, practices and symbols.

  • Tree Ogham: magical Celtic tree and woodland alphabet.

  • Norse Runes: Viking divination tool in twenty-four glyphs.

  • Cosmic Cycles: the day, sun, moon and solar system explained on one page.

  • Male Archetypes: magician, warrior, king, lover and their shadows.

  • Female Cycle: the menstrual cycle in four seasons and transitions.

  • Chakras: a map of the human energy body and correspondences.

  • Yoga Sutras: Patanjali's classic eight-limbed Yoga tree.


After you ordered a set of three, please email me which ones you would like to receive.

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