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Apple Tree, Tree Wisdom Banner Wall-hanging, 100 x 50 cm, eco-friendly, high-quality Organic Cotton fabric print, Pagan, Celtic, Druid Ogham

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This unique big format Forest art wall-hanging is designed to bring the magic of the trees into your home and sacred spaces.

Since 2019, I have been working on a Tree Wisdom series. My vision is to bring artwork into the world, that is ceremonially co-created with the tree spirits themselves. In this process, I offer my eyes and hands to the trees and invite them to communicate through the creative journey I embark on.

Each image is designed to act as a portal that allows the observer to directly connect with the essence of a particular tree spirit. Printed on paper or cotton canvas, these pictures can be used as sacred altar decorations and totemic art for ceremonial spaces.

>> The Apple Tree - Tree Wisdom Banner:

The Apple is a tree that speaks to us about the balance between domestication and wildness.

Over many thousands of years, we co-evolved with the apple tree and it felt important to me to incorporate both the wild and the cultivated varieties in the creation of this piece of tree art. The small green apple on the upper part of the picture is the wild crab apple and the slightly bigger one underneath it is a cultivated variety.

The apple tree has the astrological signature of Venus. This tree can be recognised as an embodiment of the goddess of love. Apples bring nourishment, food, medicine and vitality in great abundance. Our Celtic ancestors considered apples to be a gift from the otherworld.

The sacred geometry and flowers at the top of the picture are my interpretation of the energetic signature of the apple. The design is based on the numbers 5 and 10. Apple is the tenth tree in the Celtic tree Ogham and apples have a 5 pointed star inside of them.

The concept of the two hands, one holding a city and one holding a forest, is based on a story I heard from Eric Maddern. As a storyteller, he speaks about the return of the healing maidens, who have the power to cleanse the land and the people. This theme of cleansing, renewals and the balance between culture and nature resonates with the energy of the apple and is woven into the fabric of this Tree Wisdom Banner.


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