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Cauldron and Wand, Altar Cloth, Celtic Cross, ecofriendly, organic cotton, 60 x 60 cm, spread cloth, tarot cloth, Pagan, Druid

~°* Details *°~

The Cauldron & Wand altar cloth can be used in at least two ways.

its own, it can be decorated to create sacred space, especially when
working with plants or the coming together of feminine and masculine
energies. The cauldron represents the feminine principle and the wand
the masculine principle.

In combination with a tarot or oracle
card deck, this altar cloth can be used as a spread cloth. I included
the ten card positions for the well-known Celtic Cross spread in the
design of this picture. To make it easy for you to use, this altar cloth
comes with a piece of paper that shows you how to place and interpret
your cards with this spread.

It works with any card deck. In
this picture, you see one of my all-time favourites, which is called the
Forest of Enchantment tarot.

The plants represent the 365 herbs
that the Goddess Ceridwen collects to brew the magical Awen elixir of
inspiration, from which three drops spill onto young Gwion's thumb.

a sequence of initiations, Gwion becomes the poet and druid Taliesin,
which means "radiant brow". The Cauldron & Wand image represents
that quest for inspiration and the knowledge we can find in the study
and use of herbs.

This altar cloth is printed on organic cotton.
It's durable and easy to transport. I personally use it for outdoor
ceremonies as well as for daily card readings indoors.

Cauldron and Wand

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