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Celtic Elven Altar Cloth, golden, pink, ecofriendly, organic cotton satin, 60 x 60 cm, spread cloth, tarot cloth, Pagan, Druid

~°* Details *°~

Towards the end of 2022, this piece came through during a moment of deep Midwinter inspiration. This gorgeous elven Celtic altar cloth in its golden-pink colour palette combines earthiness with elegance. It truly shines! Like the reborn sun child in the Earth's womb at Winter Solstice.

With this satin fabric print, Forestheart adds a lighter 140gsm Organic Cotton Satin altar cloth to the collection. This cloth has a luxurious and soft texture. It's a 60 x 60 cm piece, that comes alive when decorated with your unique blend of sacred things.

Celtic Elven Altar Cloth

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