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Celtic Tree Alphabet Ogham Cloth, ecofriendly, organic cotton canvas, 60 x 60 cm, spread cloth, altar cloth, Pagan, Druid, Forest School

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This high-quality cloth gives an overview of the ancient Tree alphabet called Tree Ogham. It is designed with much care, to assist you in getting to know the trees and plants that grow around you.

The Tree Ogham is an important part of our cultural heritage because it is the first known attempt at written communication native to the British Isles. Each of the Ogham's 20 trees represents a letter in the alphabet, which makes it possible to write with it, similar to the Nordic Runes.

Tree Ogham is used as a tool and teaching device to reconnect us to Nature. This altar cloth offers a template of 20 trees and plants which all carry their wisdom, teachings and medicine.

Celtic Tree Alphabet Ogham Cloth

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