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Cerridwen Taliesin Story Poster, Celtic, Awen, Welsh Mythology, Storytelling,
43 x 19 cm, eco-friendly, high-quality art print, Pagan, Druid.

~°*Details *°~

In November 2022, I created this poster with heartfelt devotion and attention to detail, for all story lovers, welsh Mythology enthusiasts and students of druidic lore.

This unique, hand-drawn and digitally coloured Story Poster is a fully illustrated and playfully ornamented depiction of the magical Welsh story of Cerridwen and Taliesin. Sixty hours of creative work have gone into the creation of this piece of art.

Cerridwen is the Goddess of Inspiration who brews the Awen elixir in her magical cauldron, to transform her ugly son into a wise poet. The essence of the brew, in the form of three drops, land on the thumb of an innocent boy she employed as a firekeeper and he, instead of her son, becomes the wisest of all poets ~ Taliesin. This Story Poster shows you the unfolding sequence of events of this well-loved ancient story.

The artwork is composed according to the laws of harmony found in Sacred Geometry, to emanate timeless beauty and inspiration into your home.

Cerridwen & Taliesin Story Tapestry

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