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Chakra Poster, Yoga art, Infographic, Visual Guide, Meditation Art, Yoga Room - PDF Download


Infographic posters are increasingly popular among visual learners and people who like to get an overview before getting stuck into the details of a topic.


Studies have shown, that what we see described in pictures, is memorised more easily. This is what makes Forestheart infographics such great learning resources.


Each Forestheart poster combines the best of beautiful aesthetics with useful knowledge and ancient wisdom teachings.


~°* Details *°~


Highlighting significant points along the spine, the Indian Chakra system maps out the human energy body with the colours of the rainbow and ancient symbols.

On this poster, you will learn the meaning of each Chakra's name as well as how to locate it in the body, including the glands and organs associated with each chakra.

Additional layers of meaning and correspondences are offered in the categories: elements, celestial bodies, principles, themes, imbalances, affirmations, mantras and crystals that can be used to rebalance the chakras.

In a yoga or meditation room, this poster acts as a visual reminder for spiritual seekers and practitioners of Yoga to familiarise themselves and make use of this powerful tool of the Chakras.

Chakra Poster PDF

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