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Cosmic Cycles, Infographic, Correspondance Chart, Solar Cycle, Astronomy, Astrology, Planets, Zodiak - PDF Download

Infographic posters are increasingly popular among visual learners and people who like to get an overview before getting stuck into the details of a topic.

Studies have shown, that what we see described in pictures, is memorised more easily. This is what makes Forestheart infographics such great learning resources.

Each Forestheart poster combines the best of beautiful aesthetics with useful knowledge and ancient wisdom teachings.

~°*Details *°~

This infographic poster describes the cycles of the Earth in space. It is a wall art poster that can be used as a learning tool and educational resource. It is useful for anyone with an interest in astrology, astronomy and time.

The Cosmic Cycles poster illustrates the cycles of the day, the month, the year and the great year, both seen from the Earth and the solar system perspective. It gives you a key to understanding what we see from down here and what's going on up there.

It gives you answers to questions about the position of the moon in the sky and the differences between the high Summer arc and the low Winter arc of the sun's movement.

Cosmic Cycles PDF

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