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Druid Correspondence Chart, Infographic, Wheel of the Year, Celtic, Pagan, Druid, Seasonal Festivals - PDF Download

Infographic posters are increasingly popular among visual learners and people who like to get an overview before getting stuck into the details of a topic.

Studies have shown, that what we see described in pictures, is memorised more easily. This is what makes Forestheart infographics such great learning resources.

Each Forestheart poster combines the best of beautiful aesthetics with useful knowledge and ancient wisdom teachings.

~°* Details *°~

This tabular chart is based on the Wheel of the Year template, the eightfold circle. You can use it as a framework to contemplate any question or situation, as an exercise in mental and imaginative flexibility.

You can try this right now, by bringing a currently relevant life situation into your awareness and looking at it from four different angles: how does Spring relate to this? How does Summer relate to this? How does Autumn relate to this? How does Winter relate to this?

This can also be done with the four elements or the eight seasonal festivals. By working with the Wheel of the Year in this way, we practice holding a multiplicity of perspectives to understand ourselves and life more holistically.

We allow a universal pattern found in the natural world to inform the way we think and intuit, which is an ancient druidic and shamanic approach. In oral traditions, a multiplicity of truth is acknowledged and welcomed. This list is non-dogmatic and over time you make it your own.

My Druid Correspondence chart offers you a starting point and a usable map to apply the nature-based Wheel of the Year to your spiritual and creative practices.

Druid Correspondence Chart PDF

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