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Menstrual Cycle map, Female Cycle, ecofriendly A3 Print, Wall Art Poster, Infographic, Period, Ovulation, Womb, Fertility Awareness, Sacred Feminine, Gifts for her


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This poster maps out the female menstrual cycle and its four phases according to the four seasons within the year. Learning about the underlying energies of each season and the transition points between them can help us develop positive relationships with the natural ebbs and flows of this archetypal rhythm.

In each quarter, this beautifully illustrated infographic poster offers valuable reminders of what's going on in a woman's body and suggests ways of learning about and aligning with each season.

The Female Cycle poster offers specific guidance in the following categories: body, mind, emotions, work, sexuality, spirituality, archetypes and their shadow aspects as well as supportive herbs that can be used during each part of the cycle.

Female Cycle Poster

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