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Hawthorn Tree, Tree Wisdom Banner Wall-hanging, 100 x 50 cm, eco-friendly, high-quality Organic Cotton fabric print, Pagan, Celtic, Druid Ogham

~°* Details *°~

This unique big format Forest art wall-hanging is designed to bring the magic of the trees into your home and sacred spaces.

Since 2019, I have been working on a Tree Wisdom series. My vision is to bring artwork into the world, that is ceremonially co-created with the tree spirits themselves. In this process, I offer my eyes and hands to the trees and invite them to communicate through the creative journey I embark on.

Each image is designed to act as a portal that allows the observer to directly connect with the essence of a particular tree spirit. Printed on paper or cotton canvas, these pictures can be used as sacred altar decorations and totemic art for ceremonial spaces.

>> The Hawthorn Tree - Tree Wisdom Banner:

On this Tree Banner, I depicted an old blossoming Hawthorn tree, with glowworms dancing around it in a spiral. The moon is rising on Beltaine eve, behind the ancient hills of the isle of Avalon, also known as Glastonbury.

From the night sky, the face of the Goddess smiles at you. The frame is woven in Celtic knotwork, decorated with the leaves and berries of the hawthorn. I added three white ribbons that stand for the tradition of making wishes under hawthorn trees.

The hawthorn queen shows herself in a magical twilight, where the water meets the land. She can show us our energetic heart and all its layers. She reminds us, that nothing is ever forgotten in the heart. Every time we didn't listen to our inner guidance and hurt ourselves or others, we reduced a part of our natural sensitivity. Hawthorn helps us open our hearts again.


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