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Moon Magic, Infographic, Correspondance Chart, Lunar Cycle, Phases of the Moon - PDF Download

Infographic posters are increasingly popular among visual learners and people who like to get an overview before getting stuck into the details of a topic.

Studies have shown, that what we see described in pictures, is memorised more easily. This is what makes Forestheart infographics such great learning resources.

Each Forestheart poster combines the best of beautiful aesthetics with useful knowledge and ancient wisdom teachings.

~°*Details *°~

This Infographic Poster PDF illustrates the cycles of the waxing and waning of the moon, and teaches the different quality and effect of each of the phases.

This PDF is designed to help you to understand and track these influences so that you can align your life and activities with them.

Within every cycle of 28 days, there are moments that are especially conducive to set intentions, communicate and share with the world, to evaluate and take rest. When your personal life, a project or business is flowing and pulsating with the rhythm of the moon, something magical happens.

The moon and her cycle have deeply inspired our ancestors for thousands of years. The Celtic, Druid and Pagan Earth based practices understood that by following this basic blueprint, we gain a deeper understanding of the power of regeneration and organic growth. Working with this moon poster PDF is a simple and yet effective way to connect and work with these energies.

Moon Magic PDF

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