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Norse Mythology Storytelling - Nine Worlds Story Nights

The whole cycle of Norse mythology in three parts.


This over three-hour-long enchanting storytelling experience invites you on a journey through the whole mythological cycle of the Icelandic Edda, also known as the Norse of Viking mythology.

First written down in the 14th century, the tales you will hear are filled with the visionary landscapes of our ancient shamanic ancestors.

As we travel up and down the World Tree, Yggdrasil, we drink deeply from the well of initiation. Elements of shamanic drumming are also included in this offering.

The three parts of this mythological story cycle form a whole.

Creation: witness worlds of ice and fire colliding. Discover the Garden in the Middle and how we got to inhabit it. Journey to the nine worlds of the World Tree Yggdrasil.

Initiation: follow All-father Odin on his shamanic quest for wisdom and power. Discover the magic of the runes and meet the weaving Goddesses of destiny guarding the sacred pool.

Ragnarok: embark on an epic journey culminating in the last battle of the Gods. Hear the tales of Loki and Baldur and witness the forces of order and chaos clash at the end of a cosmic era.

Norse Mythology - Nine Worlds Story Nights

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