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Rowan Tree, Tree Wisdom Banner Wall-hanging, 100 x 50 cm, eco-friendly, high-quality Organic Cotton fabric print, Pagan, Celtic, Druid Ogham

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This unique big format Forest art wall-hanging is designed to bring the magic of the trees into your home and sacred spaces.

Since 2019, I have been working on a Tree Wisdom series. My vision is to bring artwork into the world, that is ceremonially co-created with the tree spirits themselves. In this process, I offer my eyes and hands to the trees and invite them to communicate through the creative journey I embark on.

Each image is designed to act as a portal that allows the observer to directly connect with the essence of a particular tree spirit. Printed on paper or cotton canvas, these pictures can be used as sacred altar decorations and totemic art for ceremonial spaces.

>> The Rowan Tree - Tree Wisdom Banner:

Rowan feels gentle and soft but its power is not to be underestimated. In Celtic times it was known as the Druid's tree and was held in high esteem for its protective and divinatory powers.

When spending time with Rowan, sensitive people often notice that it carries a clear and positive feeling tone, that makes it easier to communicate boundaries in a loving way.

Rowan has long been used for divination because it helps us access our intuition. Rowan, who is also known as the lady of the mountain, helps us establish right-relationship on many levels, including contact to the otherworld and ancestors.

The centre of the picture shows a sacred grove, a place for healing and regeneration, that is inviting us to rest and relax. This is linked to the Rowans ability to quicken our life-force and assist us in becoming whole and balanced.

The nine branches in the symbol at the bottom of the banner are based on the seed of life pattern found in sacred geometry. It contains all the Runes of the elder futhark, which is an old tree language of our ancestors. Runes were often carved in Rowan wood.

Dragons and life-force serpents are often associated with Rowan and are also incorporated in the design of the Celtic knotwork on the frame of the banner.


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