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Tree of Life, ecofriendly A3 Print, Wall Art Poster, Infographic, Correspondance Chart, Celtic, Pagan, Druid, Tree of Life print.

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This infographic poster and correspondance chart can be used as a resource for learning and deepening your practice of Nature-based spirituality. It can also be used as a beautiful wall art poster.

In ancient Earth based religions including Celtic, Druid and Pagan practices, trees were often seen as the bridge between the worlds. This wall art poster illustrates this aspect of universal Shamanic cosmology and introduces you to a way of working with the tree image to navigate consciousness.

The tree itself acts as a map to travel to different inner dimensions, like the nine worlds on the Norse World-tree Yggdrasil. The poster also has instructions for a powerful centering practice that is highly beneficial to anchor and ground us before and after any ritual or healing work.

Tree of Life

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