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Wheel of the Year, Altar Cloth, ecofriendly, organic cotton canvas, 60 x 60 cm, spread cloth, tarot cloth, Pagan, Druid

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Designed in 2016, the Celtic Wheel of the Year has become Forestheart's most iconic image. It depicts a powerful and ancient symbol that can help you find orientation in both the inner and the outer worlds.

This high-quality organic cotton canvas fabric print can be used as a portable altar cloth, or at home, for rituals, ceremonies and meditation. It is printed on 60 x 60 cm organic cotton fabric. Bigger versions can be custom-made for you. It can be accompanied by my Wheel of the Year poster for additional information to support your learning.

The Wheel of the Year combines the cyclical patterns of time (day and night and the four seasons), with orientation in space (the four directions), the four elements and the sacred centre.

In this design, you'll also find representations of eight different animal and tree spirits, the Celtic Ogham and the Norse Runes, as well as the eight Celtic Seasonal Festivals.

Wheel of the Year Altar Cloth

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