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Willow Tree, Tree Wisdom Banner Wall-hanging, 100 x 50 cm, eco-friendly, high-quality Organic Cotton fabric print, Pagan, Celtic, Druid Ogham

~°* Details *°~

This unique big format Forest art wall-hanging is designed to bring the magic of the trees into your home and sacred spaces.

Since 2019, I have been working on a Tree Wisdom series. My vision is to bring artwork into the world, that is ceremonially co-created with the tree spirits themselves. In this process, I offer my eyes and hands to the trees and invite them to communicate through the creative journey I embark on.

Each image is designed to act as a portal that allows the observer to directly connect with the essence of a particular tree spirit. Printed on paper or cotton canvas, these pictures can be used as sacred altar decorations and totemic art for ceremonial spaces.

>> The Willow Tree - Tree Wisdom Banner:

The Willow tree gracefully embodies the archetypal qualities of the moon, water and the feminine. For millennia, the willow tree has been associated with Goddesses and muses that can bless us with profound healing and inspiration. The Willow Tree can help us get our creative inspiration flowing.

Willow can be seen as a queen of the water element. She looks at human emotions without any sense of judgment or aversion, seeing only different textures, colours, densities and patterns. She is inviting us to fully feel our emotions and understand them instantly, without needing to rationalise them.

When I composed this banner I received the message that willow is less about one strong central trunk and more about many parts coming together. The bees wanted to be included with a similar message of collective intelligence, shifting the focus from ME to WE.

Details in this banner also include the heron, a powerful messenger bird, and a Celtic bard playing a hap made of willow wood. The overall composition unites the shapes of a cup and a basket, both symbols of the divine feminine.


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