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San Pedro Cactus Art Print, Trichocereus, Huachuma, Wachuma, Plant Medicine, Visionary Art, eco-friendly, high-quality art print

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This picture is based on my studies of Andean Shamanism transmitted by the lineage of Munay - unconditional love and beauty - made accessible by the powerful medicine man Puma Fredy Quispe Singona.

Based on these authentic Peruvian wisdom teachings, this picture shows the cosmic being known as Apu Huachuma. In the spiritual cosmovision of Andean Peruvian Shamanism, this benevolent master visited planet Earth to assist the evolution of Humanity around five thousand years ago.

In the form of a winged being with serpent hair, hawk eyes and jaguar teeth, Huachuma taught the Andean people how to live in sacred reciprocity with all of creation. In this tradition, the seven colours of the rainbow are recognised and envisioned as Huachuma's spirit doctors, who assist him in his work of initiation, liberation and self-realisation.

Nowadays, the essence of this benevolent light being is said to be contained in the San Pedro cactus, which is the sacrament and sacred bridge to communicate with Apu Huachuma and his team of healers.

This unique piece of artwork is devoted to this rich and wonderful tradition of working with plant medicines in sacred and ceremonial ways to bring forth the evolution of consciousness we so desperately need in this time of global crisis.

This picture also depicts the hummingbird and eagle, a sacred Peruvian temple, as well as a circle of channelled spirit beings from across the Earth, gathered around a ceremonial fire.


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