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Yew Tree - Tree Wisdom Journey

All Forestheart Tree Wisdom Journey workshops are approximately two hours long and include a guided meditation in the form of a visionary drum journey followed by a beautifully crafted PowerPoint presentation with stunning pictures.

After your personal experience with the tree of your choice, you will learn about this tree's botanical, medicinal, practical, symbolic and mythological relevance in the context of ancestral Tree Lore. The Tree Wisdom Journeys are designed to speak both to the intuitive as well as the rational sides of our being.

A previous workshop participant said:

"The guided journey was a deep experience and the presentation that followed allowed my experience to continue. Yannick weaves magic through his meditative journeys in collaboration with the wisdom of the trees he presents. His beautiful artwork in the presentation brought my experience to life. Truly transformational".


The Yew Tree - Tree Wisdom Journey:

Powerful lessons and valuable teachings from the yew trees have been woven into the Tree Wisdom Journey. This workshop is designed to make the yew tree's energy more easily accessible to you.

The Yew trees in Europe are amongst the oldest living organisms we have around us. They embody the vastness of time and space and allow us to see our daily concerns reflected in mirrors of a much bigger picture.

When in communion with the yew, we can experience inner death and rebirth in profound and healing ways. The yew trees remind us of our mortality so that we can live more fully.

Establishing a relationship with Yew trees helps us step out of our overly individualised mindset for a moment and see how we belong to a web of people that is a direct and ongoing extension of our ancestors.

Ancestry doesn't just stop with the remembered dead. It stretches all the way back through the millennia to prehistory, the animal kingdom and the first single-celled organisms in the primordial oceans.

These are some of the themes woven into the creation of this visionary Tree Wisdom Journey.

Yew Tree - Tree Wisdom Journey

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