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Yoga Poster, Yoga Sutras, Patanjali, Infographic, Spirituality, Visual Guide, Meditation Art, Yoga Room - PDF Download


Infographic posters are increasingly popular among visual learners and people who like to get an overview before getting stuck into the details of a topic.


Studies have shown, that what we see described in pictures, is memorised more easily. This is what makes Forestheart infographics such great learning resources.


Each Forestheart poster combines the best of beautiful aesthetics with useful knowledge and ancient wisdom teachings.


~°* Details *°~


This beautifully designed infographic poster, with a Yogi under the Banyan tree at the center of the artwork, depicts one of the most well-known and timeless wisdom teachings of the Yoga path - Patanjali's Yoga Sutras.

Describes as a tree with eight limbs, the practice of Yoga can be clearly laid out and explained as an approach to purify the practitioner's body and mind in preparation for meditation, liberation and ultimately union with the divine Source of all of Life.

This poster honours the origins of Yoga and the science of consciousness behind this ancient practice. It is ideally suited to bring this wisdom into your meditation, yoga room, or studio.

Yoga Sutras Poster PDF

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