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Sacred Yoni Art Print, Divine Feminine, Goddess, Vagina art, Vulva, body positive, eco-friendly, high-quality art print

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This Yoni picture celebrates the power and beauty of the life-giving feminine principle embodied in women. It represents female fertility in a way that highlights its connections to the forces of vitality in Nature.

As sacred human animals, we are an expression of Spirit incarnated in Nature. Our bodies are living temples that connect the visible and the invisible worlds.

Recognising sexuality as the pathway through which we create new life, open the gateways of life and death, unite with another person's whole being and experience wisdom from our ancestors all the way back to the animal kingdom ~ how much more sacred is it gonna get?

It's time to fully reclaim our bodies and shake off the layers of distortions, shame and conditioning that have been imposed on us. This piece of art is my contribution to this collective process and an unapologetic statement that says:

Women are awesome and women's bodies are sacred!


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